Who we are?

The Digital Warrior is a digital advertising agency located in Toronto, Ontario. The digital warrior provides a broad scope of winning web and marketing solutions to the public. The company is a dynamic and vibrant that adapts to each customer according to their needs and requirements, while developing specific appropriate channels dedicated to  various businesses, markets solutions in various areas of understanding, professional and reliable evidence and doing maximum for results that match the customers needs.


Hoffmanian, 56 bathurst street, Toronto, Canada


  • Full Web Design
  • Digital Promotions
  • Tailored Software solutions

The digital warriors addresses real business issues with comprehensive solutions that are practical, highly utilized within an organization, and can survive an ever-changing marketplace. Our solutions communicate critical information to key audiences and allow clients controlled ownership of their electronic media.

Our solutions are highly flexible and are delivered on most enterprise technology platforms.



  • Solving sexual problems for men. Sexual problems are something we never talk about  most of the men suffer from this silently and have qzz in your life. It is quite a challenge. and we did it by going to the right forums and communicating with the men who suffer from it.
  • Nicershoes.com –  This site is site about work boots
    Quite not the main conversation subject on the weekends. Even though, we went and reviewed all the top 10 brands, and added
    user reviews and tips.


  • A study by researchers at the Department of Human and Developmental Biology at Harvard University has come up with very interesting conclusions about shoes and the their affect on our health. that shoes with padded soles and shock absorbents – which enjoy the image of a healthy choice for our feet – actually weaken our legs and increase vulnerability to injuries.
  • If you are getting a new petm, one of the things you must buy is a protable dog water bottle (Wrote product description)  This is a must, as if you are going outside without it in the summer, things can be very dangerous.
  • Another product on the same site, we wrote the description for is this dog collar. First we did our reasearch for 20 days, and then we compiled the data from several suppliers, to give you the best and accurate information about this collar.
  • We have done a comprehensive study about what do we lack in today’s market for various companies: In Fitness and Pet niches.
    One of the products we observed lately for the summerpoolfun.com website – is tricylce (for kids). We had five staff memebers talk to tricycle cusotmers all over New England, to hear their opinion. What a great project!
  • If you are dealing with back pain, then the untapped device you probably never heard of is inversion table. If you want to invest around $300 and get an inversion table- then we found this site to find the best inversion table – freespine.com
  • Recently I got a request from a shoes sites, to make a detailed articles about zumba shoes that are requested by many womens. You can read this excellent article on workbootsmaster.com
  • Hemorrhoids is a problem no body want to talk about- this is why the situation is getting worse in many situations and sometime may even end up in a surgey. Read here how to maintain a healthy diet – the most comprehensive guide on the web.
  • Rowing machine are an excellent and untapped way to perform exericses. Paddle to the target with a rowing device (rowing simulation in a rowing boat). Improves physical fitness, strengthens the upper and lower body, and causes accelerated calorie burning for weight loss. A unique experience! Read on topfitnessmag.com how to choose the best rowing machine
  • We Love Pets! We had take the mission of preparing a cat/dog shop on shopify platform. We have done extensive research to list product like this one and wrote a compelling and in-depth product description.
  • sakurasushinj.com  A website dedicated to to an exceptional Japanese restaurant, operating from Hillsborough, New jersey.
    Pay attention that although the design is quite simple, It emphasizes the unique advantages and quality of this cuisine. It also presents the menu to the public- make it more presentable.